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26 June 2008

I found a new band!

i was skimming through Youtube videos looking for something by Van Morrison when i stumbled upon this cross-referenced band, Quoting Napoleon. i think they're really good, so i'm giving them a mention here.

They formed in March 2006, and are an alternative band from Portland, Oregon. The music is acoustic, driven mainly by the lyrics, but i think the sound is great. They aren't signed to a label, but they have a cd entitled "Rise and Fall". If you're interested, you can give it a listen here:

In my humble opinion, it is worth the time to go there and listen - this is the first album i've ever bothered to purchase online, it's that good.


Anndi said...

I have to say I love his voice!

Thanks for sharing sweetie!


Meribah said...

Happy Canada Day, sweet Coco! Hope your day was simply marvey! :)

Bond said...

Will give them a listen on your recommendation

Dana said...

You seem to find great bands! Thanks...I'll check them out :D