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20 April 2008


At the end of May 2007, i embarked on a journey of self-examination and exploration which is far from over, as i still have much to learn and experience. It has been beautiful and rewarding, and i truly hope this journey never ends. The first chapter has been concluded, with many tears and much heartache, but with many sweet memories that are golden.
So, a new chapter begins. What does the future hold? Only time can tell.


Travis said...

I wish you luck and joy in all things.

Bond said...

Evolving is a wonderful thing. You have taken the first steps and have been rewarded. Here is much luck on part 2 of your journey

Angell said...

Welcome back honey. We missed you. Glad to hear that you're being successful in your endeavours.

Nothing but love for you Coco dearest.


Dana said...

You'll be fine - I firmly believe that everything always works out for the best!

Meribah said...

Hey, girl! Glad to hear you're doing okay. Just keep holding onto the good and everything else will work itself out. Hugs!