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24 April 2007


Hey everybody. My at-risk English students have started a blog in order to get their writing out there for people to read. Each Friday,they will be posting their best work of the week (keep in mind everything is relative! lol). At this time, they are posting poetry. Last week was haiku, this week will be quatrains and cinquains. They have been very excited to get comments from Vinny and Travis. (thanks darlings)

Please, if you have a minute, check it out and leave comments. The kids are very encouraged by the feedback, and it makes them want to write more, which is a miracle in itself. I have even noticed an increase in the overall efforts in their writing, because they are conscious of the fact that someone else is going to be reading their stuff.

The blog address is: and there is a link on my blog.

Hugs and many thanks, my sweet friends.


Twyla said...

Great idea. I always loved reading your student's work.'ve been to my island? I'm impressed. Do you have family here?

TopChamp said...

Hello Coco - you made me laugh with your comment! Will go and have a look at the kids' stuff asap - promise.

Travis said...

I enjoy reading the kids' efforts and I'm glad they are working at it. Poetry can be so rewarding when you give it a chance.

Dana said...

Will do! And I love that first cartoon!